Student Loans


Students loans are a necessary way to get through college for a lot of people today, but they also leave people with a high level of debt. Unfortunately, all too often people struggle to get out of that debt, even if they get a job in their field and are using their degree. Things like a struggling economy, job loss, a lack of good wages, or even something unrelated like family issues or a big medical event can cause past students to fall behind on their loans. We may be able to help you with what we call the $1.5 trillion-dollar time bomb!

If you want to become current on your student loans, there are options. But not every student loan company is easily swayed by your particular circumstances or will work with you in the way you need. With that in mind, you need to have an advocate who can help you move through the process of becoming current. With us on your side, there are more opportunities for you to get the assistance and guidance you need to reduce your student loans or get caught up on your payments, so you can be current.

To obtain discharge or forgiveness, or a secured, income-based repayment plan, working with an attorney is very important. In many cases, you can get the kind of help you need to be free of your student loans, or to set up a way to pay them back that allows for an understanding of the income you have and what you really can do for repayment. Let us work with you and advocate for you, so you can move forward.

If you are looking for a student loan attorney, contact Fairbanks Fletcher Law PLLC today to get the help you need.