Consumer Credit


We offer many options when you need help with consumer credit issues. Most commonly, people come to us when they need debtor representation in defense of creditor lawsuits. If you are being sued by a creditor, we want to help you get the legal advocacy you are looking for. Sometimes these are cases that can be settled out of court, and other times they go all the way through the legal system. No matter how your case goes, having someone in the legal system on your side can make things easier and reduce your stress levels during the process.

Our firm also offers settlement negotiations, where we can work with your creditors to find a resolution to your debt level. Not all creditors are as open to negotiations as others, but when you are trying to meet your obligations and reduce your debt load, many creditors will work with you. However, they are a lot more likely to work with you and give you a fair settlement if you have an attorney on your side. At Fairbanks Fletcher Law PLLC, we want to be your advocate so you can receive a fair settlement that works for everyone.

If you want to file suit against one or more debt collection agencies for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we handle those types of cases, as well. Not all debt collectors will treat you fairly, or the way they should under the law. If you have encountered debt collectors that do not treat you properly or are harassing you, reach out to us and let us advocate for you.

If you need a consumer credit attorney, contact Fairbanks Fletcher Law PLLC today to get assistance in your legal matter.